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EASY TO SEE IF CYTAK WORKS FOR YOU NEWS: Cytak Announces Restructure Near Complete (Fri, Apr 19th, 2013)[read more here]

Overview of Cytak

‘Outstanding Solution for Tax Compliance

Cytak is a managed service that provides automatic distribution of sales tax rates, plus tools for analyzing tax obligations. Cytak is a secure and reliable means for delivering up-to-date tax rates directly to your enterprise system, hassle-free, adding value to your business and simplifying and streamlining your operational processes.

Easy to use ROI Calculators

‘Outstanding Solution for Tax Compliance

The value of Cytak is easy to measure and evaluate. You can utilize the ROI calculator for quick and easy average cash and time savings. If you sign-up you will see within 5 minutes whether your business is accurately collecting sales and use tax information.


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