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Keep Tax Rates Simple

Cytak Services - for automated tax rates with validation and summary reports.

Automate the monthly fluctuation in sales and use tax rates to reduce audit liability.

Cytak provides automatic distribution of sales and use tax rates with verification tools to analyze tax payments. It provides tax integration for custom ERP and accounting packages, as well as the following standard ERP and accounting packages: MFG/PRO (QAD), Microsoft Dynamics (formerly Great Plains), Intacct, Quickbooks, and Salesforce. Cytak leverages the engine that works under the hood of your accounting system, providing automatic and accurate sales tax calculation for each transaction, with real-time accesible verification and filing summary reporting.

Companies selling in multiple states are seeing more regulations and potential problems with compliance that need addressing. Cytak addresses these issues by updating companies to the status of tax compliance, automating tax processes, and preparing them for upcoming movements in tax compliance. When online and offline tax compliance and rates converge, Cytak will be there to handle the transition.

Cytak typically costs 1/3rd the price of competitors by leveraging existing software investments.

Setup can be done in as little as 5 minutes.

Evaluation is easy to do, and after registration, value can be seen in 3 simple steps: upload your report, configure your nexus, and view the results. If your report shows any blue or red, Cytak software can save you during an audit and will be a very useful tool for your business. If your report is all green, you are in complete compliance; Cytak can add a way to automate, simplify, and streamline your business processes.

Looking ahead, the future is very bright. With many new enhancements for Cytak's software, products and services planned, Cytak will prove itself as the new industy standard.

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