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EASY TO SEE IF CYTAK WORKS FOR YOU NEWS: Cytak Announces Restructure Near Complete (Fri, Apr 19th, 2013)[read more here]


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Microsfot Dynamics & CYTAK - Seamless

Microsoft Dynamics (formerly Great Plains) for automated rates with verification and summary reporting

MS Dynamics users need to correctly calculate and charge sales tax to verify invoices before the collected amounts are filed; Cytak is the tool that makes this possible. In addition, filing is made easy with pre-aggregated totals.

Cytak also removes the manual maintenance of sales tax rates and eliminates the dependency on spreadsheets to maintain dependency.

Gives complete visibility of tax compliance coupled with automatic updating, automated real-time reports, and a dashboard powered by a secure tax database; all without the need for IT support or manual entry.

Integration is seamless and takes less than a day to implement. Cytak can be purchased by [clicking here].

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