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EASY TO SEE IF CYTAK WORKS FOR YOU NEWS: Cytak Announces Restructure Near Complete (Fri, Apr 19th, 2013)[read more here]


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QuickBooks & CYTAK - Seamless

QuickBooks for Tax Rate Updating, Verification, and Automation

QuickBooks users need to correctly calculate and charge sales tax to verify invoices before the collected amounts are filed; Cytak is the tool that makes this possible. In addition filing is made easy with pre-aggregated totals.

Cytak also removes the manual maintenance of updating and eliminates the dependency on spreadsheets.

Gives complete visibility of tax compliance coupled with automatic updating, automated real-time reports, and a dashboard powered by a secure tax database; all without the need for IT support or manual entry.

Integration takes less than 1 minute to implement and can be setup online effortlessly [click here to begin].

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