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EASY TO SEE IF CYTAK WORKS FOR YOU NEWS: Cytak Announces Restructure Near Complete (Fri, Apr 19th, 2013)[read more here]

Keep Tax Compliance Simple

The monthly fluctuation in sales and use tax rates promote audit liability

By combining accurate jurisdiction information, correct rate data, and the ability to construct business-based exemptions, your business will have access to the most reliable tax calculations. A leading solution for sales tax compliance processes, Cytak assists in all these aspects of compliance and management.

Cytak achieves this for your business in two steps: Cytak first automates the sales tax operations and processes that are critical to the business, then it supplies the tools needed to manage and incorporate those processes into a higher-level overview. This helps to reduce the business's audit exposure as well as increasing the number of satisfied customers.

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Create a User Account

  Simply fill out the required information and get started. Optional information is also recommended, but not necessary.


Upload Your Data

  Log-in to your account and upload your formatted .CSV file using the easy to follow instructions. For pre-requisites, [click here]


Review the Cytak Report

  View the report by clicking the report button and seeing how you did on taxes. If accounts show blue or red you have over or underpaid your taxes, and Cytak would save you time and money.


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